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From the Olivers
From the Olivers

Thank you very much for all your thoughts, cards, texts and emails over the past weeks. We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the thought, love and support that you have all given to us at this time.

Many of you who knew George will remember always how incredibly good-natured, open, happy and fun he was. We felt constantly in awe of his wonderful, fierce and loving spirit. This will stay with us forever and we hope you will carry it with you also.

So please don’t be sad for us. We are struggling to understand the truth of what has happened to us but it has happened and there is only one way forward from this. In George’s name we will survive and we will need you all to help us do this.

Love is what gave us George in the first place and we strongly believe that the love we shared as a family was what gave us all the kind of happiness that we never even thought possible. We think that George would want to tell you simply to always love each other and live your lives in kindness and love.

Our love as a mum, wife, dad, husband and son is what will help us through this time. Our love for each other, our friends and our family is what will sustain us in the future.

It will also help us a lot to know that people might visit this site and remember George for the incredible spirit that he is. George now has a home in Great Milton, at St Mary's Church, and he will always be delighted if you come to visit him for a chat or to say hello.

From Mark, Emily and George xxx

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