George Richard Namiki Oliver
About Me
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About Me

Our boy, what can we say? Lively, funny, loving, friendly, wilful and curious. He was an incredibly happy boy, with a hugely inquisitive nature that made us all love being with him so much. Whether he was in a cardboard box, playing with remote controls, putting shoes in the washing machine or wandering round with a giant bear in each hand, his love of life really shone through him and reflected on all of us around him. People used to say to us all the time how lucky we were for his natural good-nature and easy ways - they were exactly right.

George was taken from us by a sudden illness on 25th June 2009. We are very sad and we miss him every day. But we are so thankful for the incredible time that we had with him - for being happier than we thought it was possible to be, for having no regrets because we loved him every second, for all the amazing memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

George's Friends

George was very lucky to have spent his time with some great friends. He loved playing and having fun with them. Thank you all for helping make George so happy.  Especially - Cousin William, Oscar, Coco, Zoe, Ellie, Lilah, Tess, Iris, Tom, Toby, Charles, Elliot, Mae and his beautiful friend Mia.

George's Family

George may have been the youngest member of our family but he was much loved by everyone and was lucky to have had such an amazing family around him - Granny and Grandpa, Grandma, Grandad and Rhoda, Great Grandad and Great Grandma, Auntie T, Auntie Cin, Mounir, Auntie Zed and Stu, Auntie Maya and David. And most of all his brilliant cousins: Leo, Tilly, Raff, Poppy, Jad, Kit, Hiba and Ted.

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